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Want your CDs signed by Sche? 

Request it in the " note to seller " during checkout! 

We also offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders. 

Contact us for details.  You can also preview & purchase these albums digitally from these online retailers and more.

Wicked, intelligent, medodical lyrics, laced over even more wicked, crazy and brash beats only produced by Sche Eastwood himself! This album is gauranteed to be an evil delight to all hip hop, or should I say " wicked hop " fans! Music lovers from heavy metal, rap, and blues will love the skillful and immersive atmosphere of the production from this album. Bass and lead guitar strings, heavy kickdrums, 808s, sadistic synths and more. Memphis underground meets Metallica! A match made in hell! Muahahahahahahah. Enjoy!





6ik - Mr.Sche/Jayden Young

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