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South Gangsta by Big Sche Eastwood, aka Mr. Sche, includes features from King T, RedRum, Tim Dog, CrackBlok, Immortal Lowlife, Dresta, Killa Tribe & More!

Track Listing

1. Do Or Die
2. Bossin’
3. The Ground Up (feat. King T, Cold 187, Immortal)
4. Gangsta Blues (feat. Immortal)
5. Bloody Scalps (feat. RedRum & CrakBlokk)
6. Make Us Pop Something (feat. Tim Dog & Lyrical C)
7. Many Men (feat. Immortal)
8. Passion To Win (feat. Dresta & T.J. Santana)
9. Every Coast Rapper
10. You Dont Know Me (feat. Immortal)
11. Ni**as Gone Hate (feat. Immortal)
12. Hata Hata Hata (feat. Immortal)
13. Wild Wild South (feat. Mr. Chank)
14. Never Change (feat. Lyrical C)
15. Let Me Live My Life
16. Better Dayz
17. Take Mines
18. In Da Club (feat. Immortal)
19. Chicken & Grits (feat. DKaid)
20. U Da Sh*t (feat. Killa Tribe)

Big Sche Eastwood - South Gangsta

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