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One of Hip Hop's most eccentric personalities and founding member of Ultra Magnetic MCs, Kool Keith returns with Mr. Sche (aka Big Sche Eastwood) for “Magnetic Pimp Force Field” under Ascetic Music Records and Junkadelic Music.

Track Listing

 1. Thunder Cats (Jet Packs)
 2. Ride & Mug
 3. Ewokie Galaxy Swag
 4. Jedi Supreme
 5. Skreet Smart (feat. Dolla Bill & Psycolistic)
 6. Natural High (feat. DJ Junkaz Lou)
 7. Hard Drugs
 8. I’m Insane
 9. Death Star Pimp Mobile
 10. Plottin’ (feat. Jozzy)
 11. Watch the Throne
 12. Padawan (feat. Pimpminista)
 13. Lord of Thongs
 14. Woman (feat. Metropolis)
 15. Dark Vador Light Sabor
 16. Magnetic Pimp Force Field
 17. Flipside Shaggy Mack

Kool Keith & Big Sche – Magnetic Pimp Force Field

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