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This album is for the vengeful, rebellious men of faith! One of Mr.Sche's “look on life” albums, revealing real life struggles, politics and the streets. No pimpin' and hustling here, this album is strictly about knowledge and revolution! Gangsta music at its best!

Track Listing

1. I Am Legend (feat. Trae Tha Truth)
2. Short On My Purpose
3. 5 Percenter
4. Kings and Queens
5. Lil Jane
6. Anotha Nobody
7. My Anger, My Pain
8. Pray For Me
9. Life Is Moving So Fast (feat. Mackenzie)
10. No Moe
11. We Some Rebels (feat. Immortal: BlueBoi, Pimpminista, Pimp Dre)
12. Rebel Ni**a (feat. Immortal: Geno Dragon, Balini, Pimpminista, Pimp Dre)
13. A Life Like Me (feat. 12 Gage X)
14. Keepin’ It Real (feat. Pimp Dre)
15. Lifestyles
16. Sinners World
17. Sunlight
18. One Life To Live
19. YaWeh (feat. Dulaa)

Mr. Sche – I Am Legend

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